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Last update 2020-10-15
 The 2005 vintage English   Français   

This new vintage started with a normal winter, dry with strong freezing days in December 2004 and January 2005. April was mild and rainy, which was favourable for the beginning of the vegetative cycle of the vines. The flowering period took place under high temperatures which lasted from mid of June to end of July and eased the growth of the vines. August was more contrasty, pleasant at the beginning and then cooler in the second half. With these low temperatures, the acidity of the grapes were maintained. The good weather of September allowed the grapes to mature perfectly with no development of diseases. The dry winter, the low precipitations in spring and summer, the very nice September month and our choices of vineyard management yielded to a very small harvest : 55 hl/ha for the Alsace appellation and a very low 30 hl/ha for the Grands Crus. On this point, this vintage can be compared with 2003. Three points can summarise this vintage: very low yields – perfectly sound grapes – nice and ripe acidities. With no doubt, the key factors for a great vintage!

The results from the first tastings seem to confirm our good feeling about this vintage :


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